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It feels like you are a guest in your own life.

Lost in the same routine. Tired. Exhausted. Even depressed.

That annoying person is only adding to the pressure at work!

You can't wait to come home.

And then you can't stand to be alone!

But, when you meet your partner, you see that unsatisfied look on their face. It seems like they don't get you!

And you run to the gym and book a massage and meet with your friends for a drink (or five) .. and all that at the same time!

What's going on?

Why do you feel so drained?

Shouldn't you be happy?

You do like that job and it brings a good income too. It can't be better than that.. right?!

You love your partner! Or at least you think you do .. Hmm .. Why can't you connect in a way that you used to?

What can you do?!




NOTE! Our approach IS NOT for everyone.

That's why you get to

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to see if it's the right one for you.

(If you decide after your first session that this approach is not for you, you get that session for FREE.)


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SCM NEW RECOVERY APPROACH, based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations. 

Sneza is a Life Coach in our team who works with our clients online.
She has a lot of personal and professional experience in Post-Traumatic Growth and Recovery and she also has a Life-Coaching certificate approved by Association for Coaching.
Some parts of her personal story are in her book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth"
You can see and hear Sneza in our new course on Udemy ⇒ New approach to Mindfulness





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