Online Coaching is right for you if you prefer to work with us from the comfort of your safe place. 

Clients usually ask: „How much time do I need to do THAT?“ (to make that decision, to go through that change, to achieve that success...) and we can't say exactly, because everyone is unique and in specific circumstances.
Based on our experience, the questions below will help you choose the package that's right for you.



1. Decision (1 time                          295 € 


1 x 90 min of online coaching


Is there one specific problem or an issue that's bothering you? Are you at a crossroads and not sure which way to go? Have you already made up your mind but you're scared to take action? Do you have to make a tough decision and you need a second opinion? Do you need an insight? Do you need support for taking the next step? Do you think you could use a broader perspective on your current circumstances?



2. Transition (1 month                    1495 € 


4 x 90 min of online coaching + unlimited messaging between sessions


Have you been through some major shift lately? Do you need to face new circumstances? Have you experienced trauma or loss? Have you been through a brake-up or divorce? Are you moving away? Are you thinking of changing your job or carrier? Are you struggling with finding yourself and your purpose? Do you feel disconnected from your true self? Does this new challenge seems too difficult to handle?

NOTE!  If you think you can make that Transition in only 7 days, go ⇒ here



3. Transformation (3 months)          4495 € 


12 x 90 min of online coaching + unlimited messaging between sessions


Are you repeating some kind of destructive pattern? Do you often find yourself in unwanted scenarios? Do you feel lost in the same circle? Do you find it difficult to be yourself and live your truth? Do you even know what's YOUR truth? Does happiness seem out of reach for you? Are you struggling with your own thoughts? Do you have difficulties identifying and expressing your emotions?

NOTE!  If you think you can make that Transformation in only 1 month, go ⇒ here



BONUS                                             95 €

 + 1 month (30 days) of unlimited messaging 

In case you need more help and feedback, you can add this bonus to any given option.




 We hope that SCM is the right choice for you!


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NOTE!  You do not have to complete your purchase if you decide to cancel it in the first 30 min of the session.