book "REBIRTH or about Post-traumatic Growth - my story + guidelines and exercises for you"

by Sneza SCM



Have you experienced some major trauma?

"Major" for you, not for the medical record.

TRAUMA doesn't have to be a near-death experience to be treated as a "big deal".

What makes it BIG is how far did you move from your true-self in order to adapt to that experience and your perception of it created in that particular moment.

Do you find most of your days traumatic and stressful?

Do you know that your traumatic experience of today is probably trying to help you remove some past trauma from your way?

Do you want to make needed changes and live trauma-free life?

You can start your trauma-healing journey with this short and simple guide and workbook RIGHT NOW!


You can:

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book REBIRTH - about Post traumatic Growth - by Sneža SCM New Recovery Approach

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It's not enough to read it, you should act on it as well.  
Only thinking about and responding (preferably in written form) to each and every question, including those that you’ll find at the end of the book ⇒ CHECK OUT, will move you from stressful to successful and will help you with your post-traumatic growth.


Good luck!



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