THANK YOU for all AHA moments

AHA moments are those moments of clear knowing,


understanding, insight, revelation that are followed by the feeling of relief and deep relaxation and also appreciation (if gratitude is your regular practice).

Why are they so rare?

When you take a look at this video below about your brain (your faithful librarian® how we call it) and about the way it deals with some “strange”, new input, you’ll understand that it would be very scary for it to have those moments of new thoughts very often. That’s why it keeps you occupied in the spinning of the same old thoughts most of the day. Your brain doesn’t care if what you are thinking about is good for you or not, if you want it or not – that’s not its job! Its job is to store the material that you expose it to, that you provide through your life experiences, reading and learning.



But you know that AHA moments are valuable, even crucial for your growth in every aspect of your life.

They come as the guiding light, as the clear knowing about what to do next, as the indubitable proof that this Universe is on your side and willing to give you needed feeling of safety and support.

So how do you make them come more often?

Naturally, they come very often in a life-threatening situation (when your wish is to live!). It’s enough to think “I need help!” and some AHA moment arrives.

But you shouldn’t create near-death experiences to have more regular AHA moments.

Use MEDITATION or any other activity (maybe cooking, working in garden, walking..) that helps you FEEL yourself separated from your thoughts. In that space of separation from your brain’s usual activity, your consciousness can catch and bring to you many more AHA moments.


thank you for all aha moments





When a new thought, clear insight, knowing, sign, guideline .. is brought to you through an AHA moment – ACT on it in the next few minutes.

Write down few lines, take a photo, make a voice-recording, move something, find something, make that call, throw something away .. you will also get the idea of what you should do.


That is the most important thing to remember with AHA moments. They "drop" in the part of your brain that stores short-term memories. If you don’t get involved with that new idea in some way, it goes away. When you get involved through some concrete ACTION you pull that new idea up in the part of your brain that does rationalizing and storing of long-term memory – and that’s where you make the use of that divine gift brought to you through the AHA moment.

SCM New Recovery Approach

is organized around regular provoking of AHA moments in a safe environment.

Maybe you’ve read about people using some hallucinogenic drug for the fast Recovery from their opiate addiction. We don’t promote or support the use of any kind of drug (legal or illegal) because we believe that it just adds up to the present chemical imbalance in the brain. But some of the positive experiences with those fast Recovery processes report the same turning point for each individual treated – and that is the precious input that they receive during vivid dream-like hallucinations. They get many AHA moments about their real motives, about the real WHY behind their addictive behaviors, and that is what sets them free and helps them make different choices and create different future for themselves.

In our Recovery Approach we use what is known in psychology as the psychodynamic approach and that combined with the latest neurology and Sneza’s empathic and intuitive abilities.

We help you get to your AHA moments in much more gentle and safer way.

Our Recovery Approach gives you the feeling of moving fast through the adventure park of your brain storage with all its complicated labyrinths, compared to horror-movie-flashes that people get when they use another drug for their fast recovery.

We encourage you to keep searching .. and you'll find the recovery approach that's right for you!

Sneza is a Life Coach in our team who works with our clients online.

She has a lot of personal and working experience in Post-Traumatic Growth and Recovery and she also has a Life-Coaching certificate approved by Association for Coaching.


Some parts of her personal story are in her book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth".

You can see and hear Sneza in our new course on Udemy ⇒ New approach to Mindfulness


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