Thank You for Patience

There is something hidden in that energy

 that is pushing me forward..

  to move, to work, to do more.. when I simply have to wait.


Before I thought that the cause was in that thing I had to do, that path, moving, progress I had to make.

Now I know it's about discomfort of staying still in the midst of that energy, because it's bringing me something valuable that I need and once I receive its gift, it will go away leaving me content, more balanced and stable.


Today I'm grateful for understanding patience.

And for loving it! :)


When I was planning the first trip on my own, with my friends, I also wanted to make money on my own for that experience. I asked my father to bring me slices of wood of which I've created miniature paintings with cartoon characters and a few suitable words. I sold them all except for one (that I still have with me): Helga (from „Hagar the Horrible“ comic strip) with arms crossed on her chest, saying „I'm patient.“

Very clear sign of the priceless lesson that I had to learn. :)


thank you for patience


Why would you have problem with patience?

It's (just) staying still (or occupied with something) while waiting for something to come, happen, be..

I see two possible reasons today:

  1. you've attached your desired feeling to that outcome

    (feeling of joy, happiness, peace, freedom, love, success, progress, prosperity.. you name it)

  2. there is a hidden gift in that discomfort

    of waiting patiently, that you need for the life that you want to live


How to deal with given problem, once you recognize it:

  1. remind yourself that the Universe is giving you what „vibrates“ as you do –

    this means that you should do any small thing that will give you THE FEELING that you are looking for (or the feeling similar to your desired feeling) .. let's say you are waiting for some medical test results and you want them to prove that you are healthy – remind yourself of anything that makes you feel healthy.. for example: „I sleep well.“, „I walk every day.“, „My thoughts are optimistic.“ .. the thing is that, whatever results come, you'll be in much better frame of mind to deal with them and to make decisions that are good for your health

  2. be curious as a child and ask „What's in it for me?“

    with eyes wide open and the smile on your face.. repeat few times.. and be sure that you'll receive your gift! :) I'm not talking about the thing that you are waiting for, but about something else that you'll receive while waiting and it's something you need for the life that you want to live. Usually it's the revelation of some kind, some AHA! moment, something gets totally clear or you see things as they are, you get the „big picture“, or you discover your hidden potential, your strengths, your values, develop connection to someone, open for receiving help and guidance..

    Stop, observe curiously, stay open and you'll see..


Patience is a Giver.




Thank you Patience :)



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