Why you should be thankful

Why should you be grateful, thankful, appreciating..?

Lets look at this subject from two different perspectives:


  1. for a spiritual person –

    (the one that's conscious of the Energy within and around them and with practices for maintaining and reinforcing that connection) maybe it will be enough to say that the spiritual teachers of today mostly agree that the Force (how I like to call it) .. how do you call it? God, Higher Intelligence, Universal Consciousness, Universe, Higher Power, Source Energy .. is really evolving and getting to know itself through physical creations, such as ourselves, humans.

    So, to make it really simple, let's imagine the Force like our boss who we work for. It's our job to go through physical experiences in order to provide its self-awareness and expansion. Each of us participates with their unique potential to add to the big puzzle, so it's really natural to expect some help for our efforts. And by saying THANKS for the things that we like and need, we are just saying to the Force: „This is helpful to me!“ and so we get more of that because its our natural motivation for “good work“ (meaning: self-aware and expending life)


  2. for a „down-to-Earth“ person –

    see if you need some more information on new research regarding neuroplasticity .. to make it really simple, let's only mention here that studies have shown that your Mind can influence your brain to change (by creating new pathways, new connections). You'll surely agree with me that you had no memory database of many things regarding yourself, when you were little. You've made the database of things that you need and like through try-error life experiences. But your brain is just your librarian (how we like to call it), he is just storing the data that you choose with your Mind.

    So, by saying THANKS (to the Universe, to yourself, to someone else..) you are training your brain to see what you find precious, valuable in order to keep that data and to collect more of similar data because it brings you joy and makes your life meaningful and beautiful.

 gratitude why should you be thankful


Saying THANKS for anything at all when you feel depressed can be your first step toward healing. (it rises your vibration instantly, but in a safe way, only as much as you need for making the second step).

And don't pretend!

You can say „Thank you my Heart for letting me know how terrible you feel.“, or “Thank you all for leaving me alone!” .. whatever is TRUE FOR YOU.

Because Gratitude works ONLY when you truly FEEL it!




The brain likes images and texts – that makes its data-storing-process more simple and efficient. (yes, the way we learned at school .. or the way your brain takes in what you watch on TV! - choose well!)

The point is: you'll get more of the stuff that you need and like if you WRITE DOWN YOUR THANKS. You can make a „gratitude journal“ with only three sentences a day and/or drawings, photos, music .. whatever helps you remember THE FEELING of that moment.

More moments of joy = more joyful life! :)


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