Forgiveness support

How can Forgiveness give you support?

Let's look at just ONE PAIN that you carry inside yourself.

Choose the one that you feel safe to experience now.

Let it go through you.

Feel it.

Stay with it for 90 seconds and then continue reading.


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Let's consider one thing now: original feeling lasts for about 90 seconds, when experienced fully. It's followed by another feeling then, and another, and another.. When the feeling lasts longer it's because of our thoughts about it.


And if you experience your pain with the same intensity that you did when it first appeared, it means that you've attached some STORY to it that you've been repeating to yourself regarding that experience and the same story creates a block in your emotional being that doesn't let you free yourself from that pain.

It also means that the story you've been telling yourself is not completely true. The „false“ part of it is keeping you stuck with your pain.


Let's say that you felt pain when you realized that your caregivers didn't love you the way you needed to feel loved. And let's say that this part is true (they were not very loving people or they didn't know Love themselves). But, not knowing the true reason, you've added to that story your own „false reasons“, for example: „they don't love me because I'm bad.. ugly.. stupid.. unlovable..“ you name it! Or something like „Love is not available to me!“, „I'm not the lucky guy who gets the girl“, or „Love isn't true! They are all pretending!

So, this second part of your story (that is false) is attached to the first part of your story (that is true) and to your pain (that is real).


And how do you get support from all of that?

Through Forgiveness.


forgiveness support, how to release your pain through forgiveness


First, experience your pain once more, but this time forgive the person or the situation that caused you pain. Say out loud that you forgive that person for that particular thing. Imagine Forgiveness like a big magic mirror that is taking away your pain. You are saying, for example „I forgive you mom for not loving me“ and you are giving your pain to the Forgiveness mirror that is taking that pain away from you and it disappears.



Take two deep breaths.


Look yourself in that mirror now.


Do you see yourself?

Do you know what you need?


Your emotional blocks become beautiful stones through Forgiveness.

What do you need them for?

Protection wall?

New path?

A castle for your family?


Or would you like to create a beautiful fountain with always available fresh water to remind you that Love is always available to you?


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