Releasing of Trauma

Are you reliving or releasing your trauma?


How would you know the difference?

There are two ways to know – at the beginning and at the end of the process.


At the beginning:

1 – if you find yourself suddenly experiencing very strong emotions, disproportional to the situation that you are facing; if you feel sudden urge to do something and you jump on it without thinking, with the feeling of light fog in your head; if you compulsively react to something; if you just grab that food, drug, drink.. or whatever „cure“ you are using - you are RELIVING your trauma

2 – if you are consciously using some form of self-help process or creative work or you have some professional assistance, a person who is guiding you through a specific trauma healing process and you are following instructions - you are RELEASING your trauma


At the end:

1 – you feel drained, exhausted, confused.. „what the hell was that?!“, „what was I thinking?!“, „why did I do that?!“ and similar thoughts are running through your head .. you feel disconnected from yourself and others, some form of fear and shame is usually present - you've been RELIVING your trauma

2 - at the end of the process you feel better, you feel alive, connected, present.. you feel liberated, relieved .. and in many cases physical conditions improve - you've been RELEASING your trauma

Releasing of Trauma New Recovery Approach

Whatever recovery approach you choose, it should include some form of trauma releasing.

Releasing of trauma doesn't mean that you forget about what happened or that you disconnect from who or what you lost – quite the opposite!

You are releasing blocked energy that is generated, but not released, during traumatic experience, and in that way you are healing every aspect of your being.

As a result, you are more present and more connected to yourself and everyone and everything that matters to you.

It feels like you've pressed the reset button and you are free to move on without unwanted burden.




Our clients usually report „after working with you I either want to go to sleep, or I need to go to the toilet“ .. this indicates that the energy of traumatic experience has been moved or completely removed.


We use different modalities in our NEW RECOVERY APPROACH, from Psychodynamic approach to different Energy Healing practices, combined with knowledge of latest neuroscience and also Sneza's empathic abilities and pretty accurate insights. As we learn more and work more, we modify and improve. In some cases, only exposing the content of some subconscious belief and, in that way, bringing it up, to the conscious level, is enough for starting the process of trauma release.


If you would prefer to do it on your own, you can find many useful practices in Sneza's book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth" 



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