Start your post-traumatic growth

Trauma is that experience of being blocked, disconnected or "dead" for a while..

but not completely - there is no feeling of liberation and merging with the Light.

For some of us it's arrest of regular bodily functions, for others it's emotional numbness and disconnection so deep that it's really the same thing – you are not consciously alive for a certain period of time.

And then you are back!

And now what?!


You lost something in that traumatic event. Life will never be the same as it was before that. And you are alive. What should you do with that?!

Start your post-traumatic growth - SCM New Recovery Approach 

First, stop for a while and breathe.


Now think of children who experienced their first trauma in mother's womb or during birth. No beautiful memories yet, no fine emotions, not even pleasant sensations (like taste of some favorite food), no feeling of belonging, no sense of community support.. nothing to help them move the next day, after already being presented with the worst life has to offer. But they don't know it's the worst, because they've been in the pure light before that. They just feel frozen, or desperate to run away from something that they can't look at, but that something, so scary, is following them around. Still, they choose to be brave and go on with their life searching for what they want and need - including understanding and reframing of their traumatic experience.

Yes, you could be one of those brave kids ..


Now breathe some more and think of animals.

When faced with imminent life threat, or what they perceive as one, some animals go into „FREEZE REACTION“.

That is a natural, instinctual, survival mechanism.


Your body and mind have „chosen“ instinctively some similar state at the peak of your traumatic experience, just to protect you. What you must remember is that there are huge amounts of stress hormones (adrenaline and cortisol) in your body in the moment of traumatic experience and your energy is blocked by your instinctive, energy saving, protection mechanism (your breathing is shallow, your digestive system is blocked, and in some cases even heartbeat can be interrupted, or you can slip into coma).


What's crucial to understand is that your conscious mind will also remain blocked in your thoughts prior to your traumatic experienceThe goal is to connect to those thoughts and work on your feelings that provoked them.

But! You must liberate your physical being first. That will make reconnecting with your thoughts and feelings possible and safe.


You have surely noticed how your body repeats some involuntary movement, or how you choose subconsciously to engage in situations that will provoke in your body the same response as your initial trauma. That's your higher self trying to lead you to the starting point of your post-traumatic growth.

RELEASE and DISCHARGE of BLOCKED ENERGY can be performed in different ways, depending on type of traumatic experience. Animals do it instinctively, immediately after the „freeze reaction“:




while we have to make it a conscious process because our big brains like to run the show! :)


If you've experienced trauma in your life, you know that there is nothing to compare with being a „living-dead“.

Anything, any little thing that you do to shake that state will certainly bring some Light into your being.

Yawn. Wiggle your toes. Make a funny face. You are alive. Be alive.




You have to perform release and discharge of blocked energy first, and then you move on to dealing with your thoughts and feelings.

That's how you start collecting your trauma gifts.  


Hint!  Reading of this article might have provoked some release of post-traumatic tension. 


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