What is addiction and how we work with clients

What is addiction really?

You are repeating some behavior that's not good for you, but you can't control it.

Is it true? 

Yes and no.


Once upon a time you came into this life and something happened along the way that made you create a certain belief. That particular belief in that particular time in your life was crucial for your survival and/or for satisfying your No1 need and/or your life purpose.

In short – that belief helped you stay alive and true to yourself as much as possible in given circumstances.


But it was false.

what is addiction and how we work with clients, new recovery approach 

And life goes on and you are building yourself up, like building a house. But, in this case, there are broken foundations underneath, with missing parts, because when something is false it means that it doesn't really exist. So you are using all these supplements to add to your building because your true self is whispering all the way that there is something you are missing. And you don't want to be and feel incomplete and/or inadequate and/or insecure, so you are taking from the world around what it has to offer to compensate for what you lack. At the same time, you are using your best skills while working on that compensation process.

For many of our clients the hardest part in recovery is letting go of created „building“ because:

1.you have a hard time identifying yourself separate from it (Note! You are NOT your creation, you are the Creator);

2. there are so many covered emotions in those walls that you might feel like being close to explode and/or „lose it“ completely.


You may notice that a person can go from sport/ exercise addiction, to smoking/ drinking / drugs, then to personal / addiction to not-love® (how we call it) and then to workaholism.

So, you clearly see that the person IS in control of choosing and changing their current addictive behavior.

On the other hand, that person IS NOT in control of underlying belief(s) that are stored in subconscious mind and that are directing their behavior because the person doesn't even know consciously that there is a problem and/or where to look for that false belief(s) and/or how to change them.



We don't treat addictions, we treat clients.

Your addiction(s) - meaning the things you are repeatedly using and/or doing - are helpful for understanding and solving of your real problem.

We work on your particular story and discovering of your false belief(s) – what we mean by „false“ is that they are not true for you!


We USE YOUR ADDICTION(S) to learn about your true self, your top-priority needs, your strengths and weaknesses and then we help you use all that knowledge to identify and change your false belief(s) and subsequently your unwanted behavior.

Naturally, you'll find out that you don't need „that stuff“ any more.


Whatever path you choose, we hope that it's the right one for you.

But we recommend that you seek help of another person (preferably someone with personal and professional experience) because you need some new perspective to interrupt those thoughts that are playing over and over in your head, you need some bright light to recognize your path of healing and someone to support you along the way.


Here's to Your Success! 


SCM NEW RECOVERY APPROACH, based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations.

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