Need for Ego crush

You know those first seconds of waking up?


When you are coming to yourself in the present moment ..

you are remembering where are you, who are important people in your life, what's your present occupation/ role in your family and in society in general.. That's the moment of putting on your Ego for that day.


The moment of putting on your Ego for that day! --> You are the one who is choosing it, and it should be for the moment that you are in.


Yes, your Ego is very important.

It keeps you separated and also connected to other human beings.

It's your ticket for participating in the life of a planet as a human being with specific, individual characteristics. It's the way you interact and contribute to everyone and everything around you.



When do you need an Ego crush?

--> When that „suit“ doesn't suit you.


And when is that? How would you know?

--> Here are just a few of possible indications:


How do you feel?

  - just like in the real inadequate suit – if it's too small you have „tight“ sensation of/in yourself (thigh throat most of all, but also cramp in your stomach)

  - if your inadequate „suit“ is too big you don't feel yourself at all! (this leads to many injuries, including physical ones)


What do you have a problem with?

  - intimate relationship – you love your partner, but you have difficult time to connect with him/her on the level that you want and need

  - creativity – you are full of desire to be more creative, but it just doesn't happen! ..or it happens rarely, you feel bored very often

  - insights – you feel when something is not right, but you don't get it, you don't know which way to go, what step to take next.. you feel very insecure because of that

when do you need an ego-crush?, New Recovery Approach by SCM

Generally, the „suit“ that you are wearing is inadequate for your present state, for the given situation, or both.



How did that happen?

--> You've changed, but you haven't changed the „suit“.


For example, in your family of origin you needed a „warrior suit“, a „shield“, because of difficult external conditions. Then you met your partner who you truly love, but you are not able to make an intimate connection with him/her through that „shield“ because it's built on fear, not-love, distrust, anger.. and it's just not the right „suit“ to wear with the one you love.


How do you „change the suit“?

--> By discovering what it's made of and dismantling each existing part through change of beliefs that created it.


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