What's your No1 Need?

Needs are your driving forces.

They direct your choices and behavior, whether you are conscious of them or not.


Among different classifications of human needs, the one of Tony Robbins offers real clarity and summarizes it all:


  1. Need for SECURITY, Certainty – is surely the first one to appear when we are born, because we need to feel safe in our environment, we need to be sure that someone will help us get food and sleep and that someone will protect us

  2. Need for SIGNIFICANCE , Importance – as we get to understand the dynamics of the environment we are born in, we are trying to take, find, make our position in it, because that gives us sense of appreciation and belonging

  3. Need for LOVE , Connection – interacting with others gets more and more interesting and we are trying to make more meaningful and deeper connections as we get more mature

  4. Need for VARIETY – the world offers so many different things to explore and we need to taste them.. even the same dish tastes slightly different if you ad some new spice to it

  5. Need for GROWTH – to learn, to practice, to develop new skills, to change your thoughts, behaviors, to take new roles in life.. these are all expressions of our need to grow

  6. Need for CONTRIBUTION – when we create, learn, achieve something for ourselves we feel the need to pass it on to others, to our children, to our community, to the world..


As you can see, you have all of these needs and some of them are more or less dominant in different parts and areas of your life. But as you become ADULT (and that doesn't mean that you have certain age! ..it means that you have made conscious choice to be responsible for your life), your actions are primarily driven by your most important, your No1 need. Why is it so? Because satisfying your top-priority need makes you feel connected to yourselfit makes your life purposeful and it makes you feel alive more then anything else!


Problems arise when people are not conscious of their needs because it literally looks like trying to find something when you don't even know what that something is! You are just moving around hoping that it will hit you in your head. And it usually does! :) But very often you don't know what to do with that and you don't know where to look for it next time you need it.. so you end up looking in the wrong places.

 what is your No 1 need?

If you are not conscious of your No1 need, it very often indicates that you need to work on Self-Awareness.


To help you check for yourself first, here are few tips:


-- your actions! (not your thoughts about your actions) speak the truth about your No1 need

-- follow the course of your life and ask yourself: „What kind of life am I living?“

-- to help you further with that, let's clarify: if Contribution is your No1 need then you live a life of Nikola Tesla, if Growth is your No1 need then you have a life of Novak Đoković, and if Variety is your No1 need then you live like Hugh Hefner (and you probably don't have time for reading this :) )

-- then, to decide between the top three (Security, Significance, Love) try this: 




There is no wrong answer here.

Your No1 is YOUR No1.


What's Your answer?

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