Are you aware of lies?

Lies are lifeless structures

usually supported by intention to cover up some tension.

They represent something that is not real,

that doesn’t exist, like a feeling that you don’t feel, words that you don’t mean, an action that you won’t take .. so they have no energy charge on their own. What’s keeping them “alive” is the vibration of the tension that those lies serve to cover.

If you don't look at that tension, if you don't feel that tension (usually because it’s so strong that you perceive it as a life-threatening fear, something that just blocks you completely), then your spinning in lies is a way of living for you, so automatic that you might have no conscious knowing of doing something UNWANTED to yourself and those who love you. You probably have some sort of “that’s the way I am” or “that’s how life is” idea in your head about that process of dealing with an underlying tension.

And it really becomes automatic, like any other process of your development.. like walking. With time, you pile up more and more lies and it creates more and more tension and living in that tension becomes your “normal life”.

But, is THAT what you really want for yourself?

To live a lie?

That tension beneath your lies is linked on the other side to some kind of DESIRE.

For some reason (social, cultural, religious, personal .. ) your true desire has a feeling of shame, guilt, fear or similar attached to it. So, when you start the process of creating lies, you are not really looking at your true desire, but you are looking for ways to escape those unwanted feelings.

And what should you do instead?

⇒ Let those feelings go through you

⇒ Ask yourself “Why do I feel this way about something that I truly want?”

⇒ Look at images from your past, hear the voices of your ancestors .. they will lead you to the main reason

⇒ Then ask yourself “Is this still so?”, “Is this true for me?”, “How do I really feel about that?”

⇒ Once you gain YOUR OWN clear perspective, ask yourself “Who do I need to share my truth with?” and “In what way should I present my truth?”

⇒ SHARE your TRUTH - this last step is CRUCIAL!

Because your truth doesn’t exist if you don’t bring it out into the world.

Think of it as a poem that you have in your head like an idea, but that you never put on paper – it doesn’t exist. So it’s on the same no-or-low-vibration level as your lies and your brain sees no point in making the change from “supporting lies” to “supporting truth”.

Unexpressed truth brings no more joy and happiness than expressed lie.

If you want to FEEL the difference, you’ll have to uncover!

See the image below – holding on to lies is like holding on to some kind of mask. So what parts of your body are mostly engaged? Your head (for thinking and creating cover-up facial expressions), your shoulders (that collect the stress and in that way give energy to your tension) and your arms (that hold the mask, or the cover).

And that’s all!

are you aware of lies? are you holding mask?

Holding on to that cover doesn’t include: feeling your heart-felt emotions, turning, moving in desired direction, feeling the power of the life-force in your solar plexus (in your belly) .. generally none of the things that can help you FEEL ALIVE!

What should you do?

--> Drop down your mask

--> Put your hands on your shoulders and help them relax

--> Put your hands on your heart and connect with your true desire

--> Put your hands on your belly and connect with your “gut-feeling” (it’s your “I CAN DO IT!” feeling)

--> Start moving/taking action in desired direction.

If you see your social environment as your main obstacle – try to change it:

» Remind them that those “norms” that they consider as “normal” today didn’t even exist with your ancestors who lived in caves. Remind them of natural progress and development of human consciousness that every social group should follow and support if they want to evolve.

» Tell your parents / family how you really feel. Tell them “I don’t feel alive! I’m not happy this way!” Tell them what you need.

» Tell yourself that you should never really care about opinions of the people who don’t care if you are happy or not. Because you shouldn’t. You should just distance yourself and connect with those who care about your happiness.

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