Be aware of the guidelines

You know that joke about a guy in a church and a flood..

when the water starts rushing in..

and there come some neighbors calling him “Come on man, we have to get out of here..”

and he refuses to move saying:

No! I believe in God, I pray every day, he'll save me!” And the water is rising, it's near the church ceiling, when a a local rescue team in a boat tries to reach him from the opening on the rooftop.

You just go!” he is saying firmly “I believe in God, I pray every day, he'll save me!”

So they leave.

And there is no sign of church anymore, water is all around him, and there comes a rescue team in a chopper calling him to take the tossed rope and save himself.

No, thank you! I believe in God, I pray every day, he'll save me! You just go!” he repeats.

The chopper leaves and he drowns after a while. He comes to God and asks him, totally disappointed

But why?! I believed in you, I prayed every day, why would you let me drown?” only to hear:

“But I've sent you help three times!”

(excerpt from the book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth" by Sneza SCM)


And what about you?

Are you aware of the signs?


do you follow signs and guidelines


First of all, you need to BE CLEAR ABOUT WHAT YOU WANT and to be specific as much as you can.

Then let yourself FEEL THE FEELING of successful outcome.

If you want something that you've never experienced before, so you are not familiar with desired feeling, think about the feeling that you do know, that is very close to the one that you want.

For example: you want to feel loved by your partner, but it's not familiar to you, you never had that before, so you go into the feeling of being loved by your friend or being appreciated by someone.

And then, just stay open for guidelines, for HOW, for the way things will show up for you..




The guy in the joke knew what he wanted: to stay alive.

He also knew specifically that he wanted to be saved by God.

He wanted to feel seen and heard and appreciated for being faithful to God.

But he wasn't open for signs and guidelines.

He was even offered to choose between three different ways of rescue, but he couldn't recognize it.

His attention was stuck on the wish, when all he had to do was to look for guidelines.


If you are not sure how to read the signs and what guidelines to follow, we are here to help.


If you see the signs and you follow the guidelines and you are not making any progress – it means that you do need some help with that.


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