Why should you practice awareness

and how to start

Come to your senses and you'll be here-now.

Connect to your nose, mouth, hands, ears and eyes.

Connect with what you have for direct experience of your life in this very moment.


That's what being AWARE really means – being present and observing.

how to practice awareness 

Why is awareness so important?


For many reasons.. let's name some:


  • FOR LOVING YOUR LIFE – when you are fully present and aware of your experiences you can truly enjoy your life! That sip of your morning coffee is richer, more full.. that slight breeze is really filling up your lungs, you can feel it entering your body and nourishing its every cell.. the colors on that building you just saw are fabulous! It reminded you of your favorite season.. you are looking at your holiday pictures and literally sensing the sea salt.. You get the picture. :)


  • FOR HEALTH – imagine one of your usual stressful situations.. Where are you? What's going on? Let's say you are in a line (of people or cars with people), waiting to go ahead.. and you are already running late.. and you know that there is no use in feeling stressed, but you can't help it, your palms are already sweating, your heart is pumping, your leg is jumping.. Wait! Stop there. Observe. Are you breathing? Do you smell something? What's the taste in your mouth? Where are your hands? What do you hear? What do you see? - Now back to your heart – is it racing still? Of course not. And your leg? You must look at it, right! :) That's the easiest and quickest meditation you can do anytime anyplace. Connect to your senses and you'll be out of stress-anxiety vicious circle in a minute!


  • FOR RELATIONSHIPS - that hug of your Beloved seams stronger than ever! You can see your hearts hugging between you.. your children are listening and responding! What's going on? They can feel your presence and it feels natural for them to respond in the same way.. you are much better at meetings and with your colleagues – they are asking you „What happened to you?!“ because you have that self-assured attitude in every situation and you are much better in decision making


Do you need more reasons to start practicing awareness?


Yes, practicing! You need to practice it before it becomes natural to you, like any other skill, like driving a car.

Let's go back in that line that's not moving and it's stressing you out. Does a thought: „Am I breathing?“ usually cross your mind in that situation?

If your answer is „No.“ then you need to practice awareness.


Connect to your senses:

nose – air / smell that you feel going in and out of your nose

mouth – taste you have in your mouth

hands – where are your hands, are you touching something

ears – is there any sound, close or distant

eyes – focus on details around you




And you are here-now.

You are present.

Repeat throughout the day as many times as you can, but especially in situations when you feel stressed or stuck.


Congratulations! for starting your awareness practice.

If you find this practice extremely challenging, feel free to contact us.


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