7 days for Health

Spring is a natural clearing time.

The old gives the way to the new.

It should be the same with your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being.


You should help your body get rid of accumulated toxins.

You should release any unexpressed emotions.

You should clear your head of negative thoughts and unuseful beliefs.

You should remove yourself from anything that's blocking your connection to your true self.

a week of health SCM New Recovery Approach


Why should you do that?

For your Health.

(and we know you know it! :) )


Here is our experience and suggestion how to do it:

--> choose a week (take a week off from work if possible, or at least choose the one that is more relaxed for you) and make a plan (write it down) including what NOT TO DO during those 7 days:


- choose what to remove from your regular daily intake during that week (from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, to coffee, sugar, meat, dairy products, white bread, processed/fast food.. ) - you know what would be good for your health.. it's just for a week!


 - choose some activity like walking, running, meditation, yoga, dancing, singing, tapping .. that will make your energy circulate more – this will initiate removal of emotional blocks and releasing of unexpressed emotions .. choose bag-punching if you feel like it .. screaming to a loud music .. or simply shaking your whole body few times a day


 - choose thoughts and behaviors that are good for your health – write down your negative thoughts, cross them over, write their opposites beside and read those new, positive thoughts out loud; say NO when you don't feel like doing something; Are you sitting to much?- Get up and stretch!; Do you gamble/ bet? Stop for a week; Someone is annoying you? - Don't answer that call! ; hang out with real friends (people with whom you can talk without thinking what to say) .. do it for a week!


 - choose resources that give you peace of mind; turn off TV for a week; stay away from social media, news, mails that exhaust you and make you feel agitated; listen to classical or relaxing music; just breathe gazing at a candle light, water surface, clouds, trees.. it can be a nice photo as well; spend more time outside and in nature if possible..



And then, after a week, you'll see .. :)  


You can use SCM-walks for regular clearing of your physical, emotional and mental being

SCM New Recovery Approach

based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations. 

Health is Harmony of your beings