The first step on your way to success

Your first step is to recognize that you are not alone.



There are people who support you (even when you don't hear them say that), who are glad to see you alive and happy and healthy.

They can be your partner, one of your family members, your friends, neighbors, coworkers, or even someone who is following you on social media. Someone who likes to see that you are here and that you are doing well.


There are also other people with specific knowledge and skills who can help you achieve your success in less time, with less effort.


So, help IS available.

All you need to do is reach for it, ask for it, and then open up and take it, receive it.

you are not alone on your way to success


Let's take a look at the “top-3 must ask” questions regarding help from other people:

(from Sneza's book “REBIRTH”)


.. if you are seeking for help directly from people around you or from those who do some helping-people-work – ask yourself these three questions first:


  1. From what I know / see / read / hear, do the core values of this person match mine?

  2. Do I find her/his company / book / article / speech uplifting and inspiring?

  3. Has she / he made the kind of progress / change / success that I would like to achieve in this particular area that I'm struggling with?


And PLEASE, however close to you (be it your parent, your spouse, your sibling..) that person is, or however famous and successful she/he might be, if you've answered NO to any of these three questions – LOOK for another source of help!”



Let's explain these 3 questions some more:


  1. For example, you shouldn't ask for help a person who is using manipulation to achieve their goals when one of your core values is honesty. Or, you wouldn't have adequate help from a person who is wearing a “mask” (pretending to be who they are not) if your core value is integrity. You might get very wrong advice (wrong for you) from a person who is proud of being “normal” when you respect uniqueness. You get the point.

  2. Inspiration is different than motivation – motivation pushes, while inspiration pulls. You can be drawn to the person that you find intriguing, interesting, but also irritating at some point. The important thing here to notice is if what they do makes you want to reach out and ask for their help, opinion, advice. Sometimes you can feel even suspicious, but still willing to try: “Okay, let's see what do you have for me!”

  3. Crucial! Look for results in that person's life. Do you recognize in their story your own way to success? Have they been where you are now and are they now where you want to be?

    You can only expect another person to guide you successfully down the path that they have walked themselves.


  Here's to your Success!

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