The right Success for you

This is the most important part of the process:

How do YOU see your Success? What's the RIGHT Success FOR YOU?



Why is it so important?


Well.. Let's say you are a very good singer and it shows from an early age. You perform a lot, build a career, have a lot of fans and a lot of money. You „have it all! - fame and fortune“. But, at some point, you start taking different drugs and indulge in self-destructive choices and behaviors. And you die young, empty inside, without knowing what true happiness is.





It could be that your father's dream was to make a lot of money and that he saw very good potential in you – you became his money-making-monkey. And all that time he was trying to make you see how money was important. While you were trying to make him! happy. And you made a miserable-alien of yourself in the process.


It could be that your mom was a performer but not as good as yourself. And not as beautiful woman as yourself. And not such a kind soul as yourself. So she was trying to make her fame with you, and through you, while feeling jealous all the time. It made you look for love and appreciation in all the wrong places. It made you lose touch with divinity inside of you. And the only way for you to reconnect and to run away from that „glorious success“ you had, was to die.



what is the right success for you


When you take your Success in, how does it feel?


If you have no uplifting feelings (like love, joy, passion, excitement..) attached to it – IT'S NOT YOUR SUCCESS. (meaning: you got that „picture of success“ from somewhere else.. your family of origin, media, friends, teachers..)

Feeling OK, satisfied, content.. is not enough!


You need to WANT it! - that wish, that dream of yours is your GOAL

You need to SEE it! - your true self creates images of what is POSSIBLE for you to achieve

You need to FEEL it! - that's how you know it's YOUR Success and that's your ACTION FORCE

You need to LIVE it! - starting NOW!



  • If you see the clear picture, but you have no uplifting feelings attached to it, maybe you lost connection with your emotional body.

  • Also, if you have the feeling, but you can't see how your dream looks like, it's possible that you've lost contact with your true self or you need to work on self-confidence.



There will be magic, miraculous „coincidences“, sudden opportunities coming your way.. once you start to live the Success that's right for You!


The first step on your way to success 

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