Write off Stress

 So how do you do it?


Take a piece of paper and pen (or your computer) and start writing.

I know, your first question is: „What am I suppose to write about?!“ and our answer is – make this question your first line. And then continue. You can write something that doesn't make any sense at all. Just keep those words coming out and keep on writing.

Write it off!

In one moment you'll just stop. You'll feel lighter, relieved and open. In the next moment you'll get an INSIGHT that you need or an answer to a pressing question.


That's it.


Write of stress - simple technique by SCM

And this is how it works:

- when you are under stress about 85% of your blood rushes from the frontal part of your brain toward central part where amygdala is (two-parts gland responsible for activating chemicals in your body, like cortisol and adrenaline, that should help you survive the danger successfully) – now, let's be clear! In case you are in a real life-threatening situation, you'll NEED your amygdala active and you won't have time for writing. Your Lifeguard fear (as we call it) will give you instructions what to do immediately!


- you surely understand that release of cortisol and adrenaline in your system gets your blood sugar levels up .. and that's something you DON'T NEED for your Health


- your breathing is shallow when you are stressed – this means that your frontal part of the brain (where all the thinking occurs) lacks in oxygen too and you feel like having a „MENTAL FOG“ - and you are right! With about 15% of blood and not enough oxygen in the part of your brain that you think with – you can't think clearly


- that's where the WRITING kicks in! By trying to create words and phrases, you are engaging your frontal brain, both emotional and rational part, because you'll surely express how you feel, or the energy of your emotions will fill your words. So you are literally pulling back your blood from amygdala to the frontal part of your brain.


- the next thing that happens is that you „lose yourself“ in writing process and your breathing starts to follow its natural, effortless rhythm – so you get more oxygen in your brain


- through writing you are transforming your „mental fog“ into words and you are releasing it – at the same time you feel yourself separate from your thoughts and you open up for the fresh ones to come


- once you stop (because you don't have nothing else to write) it indicates that your mental fog is cleared, that your amygdala-alarm is switched off and you'll be in a clear, open state, perfect for receiving insights




We hope that you find this technique helpful.


As you can see in the video below, WRITING OUT was one of the practices that helped Sneza get out of her long-term addiction for good.




It can help YOU in the same way if you decide to try our New Recovery Approach on your own - your first step is to gain more clarity and a different perspective on your situation. 


SCM New Recovery Approach is based on psychodynamic approach (that's like playing detectives in psychology), latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities.

Sneza is a Life Coach in our team who works with our clients online.

She has a lot of personal and working experience in Post-Traumatic Growth and Recovery and she also has a Life-Coaching certificate approved by Association for Coaching.


Some parts of her personal story are in her book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth".

You can see and hear Sneza in our new course on Udemy ⇒ New approach to Mindfulness




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