Your stress can help you

Here comes that disturbing sensation again!

NO! Don't try to “manage” it. Let it manage you!

Take it in! Fully. Go with it. Let it guide you.

how your stress can help you, New Recovery Approach by SCM

Where is it taking you?

What do you see there? Do you see yourself all surrounded by that unpleasant feeling of fear and anxiety? How old are you in that scene? Are you a baby still? Where are you? Who else is there with you?




You've experienced some strong, unpleasant emotion, probably some great pain or hurt (like the feeling of not being loved by your own mother.. at least not in the way that you need to feel loved.. let's say that for her - love includes manipulation, but for you - Love needs to be built on trust).

Then you decided to escape that emotion because it was so unbelievable to you and so scary, that you had to make some belief around that situation that was easier to bear and to live with. (For example, you said to yourself that your mother's love is really all the love that there is in the world and that you shouldn't look for anything better than that because it doesn't exist!)


And life goes on and you are going along, with that belief of yours.

Naturally you are attracting women that all have „that something“ that is very familiar to you. But after a while you don't feel appreciated, respected, loved in the way that you need to feel.

On the other hand, if you meet by chance a woman who is honest and trustworthy – you won't trust her! (because you have the belief in you that „better love than mom's (manipulation-love) doesn't exist!“, so you won't believe that this woman is true and you'll think of her love as not-possible!)


And here comes the Stress.

Trying to take you by the hand to that moment where you first created that false belief.

But if you resist it, or you get around it (possibly with use of your favorite cure, be it a drug, or your work, or your games..), the stress gets bigger and stronger with time.

That's your true self trying to tell you: „Look man, we are not in harmony here! You are carrying around this belief that is not true for you.“




What are you going to do?

Go back to find and change that belief?

Or stay stressed? (with false belief inside of you)


If you want to change it, feel free to contact us.



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