Change negativity

You can change your negativity in a minute

 (literally), and after a minute you can make it disappear.


It takes A MINUTE of your negative thinking before it starts to attract more negativity into your life and before it starts manifesting in your physical reality (you start feeling the pain, that person starts screaming at you, you forget that important call, you see that nobody cares... ).

So, you have the whole minute to react and change negative into positive.

Now, no need for panic, you just need to prepare yourself for that minute of change.


Imagine your negativity as a snow ball. There are all these unique thoughts (snowflakes), but together they create a structure that is very familiar to you. You've been spinning that ball for some time now and you surely know what thoughts are in there.

What's important to understand is -

What do you need your negativity for?

We can only give you some examples here:

-- connection - if you were often told as a child that you are „a bad boy/girl“, or if you were compared to a sibling or someone else and you were feeling „less than“, anything that makes you feel bad (including your thoughts) helps you connect with yourself .. „I'm worthless!“, „I can't do that!“, „I'm lazy“, „I'm stupid“ an so on..

-- safety – you know your negative thoughts so well that, in times of uncertainty, you run to them like you would run to a good friend, or to your safe place where you can hide from your current feeling of uncertainty 

-- control – you know, for example, that you'll get attention of a person who cares about you as soon as you „drop“ into negativity

          ...and so on.

Your needs are natural, only the way of meeting them with your negativity is not good for you, for your health, for your happiness, for your relationships ...


Once you understand what specific need you want to meet with your negativity,

find the positive way of meeting that need and do so in a first minute of your negative thinking.


NOTE! when negativity stops - music starts ..





1a. negative thoughts are coming „I'll never make it. This is not for me. Who am I to think that..“ (for less than a minute)

2a. Stop! What do I want with this negativity? Oh, yes, connection with myself.

3a. OK, I'll just sit here and breathe for a minute. (short meditation, or whatever you choose that's good for you, for connecting with yourself)


negative thinking

After a minute there is no use.

Your snow ball fell down and it started avalanche.

If you try „hitting“ it with your positive thoughts, you just add more trouble to it.


So what do you do after a minute? You just let it go. Plan B.


Focus on anything neutral,

anything around you that has nothing to do with your negative pattern. Clouds, face of a woman passing by, dogs playing, song on the radio, sound of traffic.



1b. negative thoughts are coming „I'll never make it. This is not for me. Who am I to think that..“ (for more than a minute)

2b. Wait! I'm in negative thinking over a minute now!

3b. OK, I'll just gaze at the clouds.

As soon as you change your perception and really focus on something else, you'll feel your negative thoughts "melting away"


Like with any other process of change – repeat this until you create a new reality for yourself.

And if you need some help - we enjoy snowballing! :)

Any process of change is much more effective, easier and it can be a lot of fun also, with a proper guidance and support

SCM New Recovery Approach

offers SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS based on latest neurology and different energy healing modalities when dealing with "brain-issues" such as negative thinking. We consider chronic spinning in negative thinking one of addictive patterns that can be very successfully addressed and healed. We use psychodynamic approach for identifying of underlying causes and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities are also very helpful.

Know that, whatever addictive behavior you've been repeating (meaning doing something that is not good for your health and well-being), there is an underlying cause for that, there is your WHY behind that self-destructive pattern, there is a part of you that wants your attention .. 

We can help you get to your WHY.

We do it in only 9 days. 

In 9 days we help you understand that part of you that is looking for your attention, we help you understand what does it want and need, we help you create new, healthy ways of meeting its needs, we help you create a detailed and customized map for your own Recovery even BEFORE you decide to start the whole process. (..and if you decide to start, we follow you along the way..)

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