Ready for Change?

Change is inevitable.

Sometimes very painful, but always with positive dynamic – always moving things forward.


I've seen people facing their worst fear and releasing the hardest pain only few weeks before passing on.

Yes, it's really inevitable.

I guess we all have to drop heavy cases of hurt, resentment, guilt, shame and all our unexpressed emotions in order to be light-enough so that we could join the Light again.


So, I'm thinking to myself – why not go through that „drop heavy cases“-process now and be in close-to-Light feeling every day and live de-Light-ful life?

Ready for Change? - SCM New Recovery Approach 

What's your excuse?

Excuse me!

What's your answer? :)

No time? It's difficult? You are afraid of losing everything if you change?

You are right!

It takes time (but not a lifetime!), it's not easy (but it's doable) and you'll certainly (and preferably) lose everything you don't need!


Usually we hear or read „change your thoughts“ and everything will change.

That's right: different thoughts provoke release of different chemicals in our body, and that results in experiencing of different emotions, and then your (re)actions are different.. you have different ideas and different behavior, you make different choices and your whole life changes.

That's right, but!

If your thoughts are not followed by desired emotion, there must be some heavy case that you need to drop. That takes time and focused work.




But why would you choose to change anything?


Because you have some important need that is not met.

Are you happy? Are you healthy? Do you have a loving relationship? Do you have satisfying job?

And you know that if you don't change, nothing will.

And you want to make that change for the better. To become that happy, healthy person in a loving relationship with a satisfying job and everything else that you need, want and deserve.


And why would you hire someone to help you with that?


Because it will save you time and energy.

Every change is more effective and easier when you have someone to guide you. Because you need access to new ways of thinking and practices adequate for you and your situation to help your brain accept these new ways of thinking. Because you need insight and support when you get stuck on the way.


Ready for Change?

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SCM New Recovery Approach

based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations.


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