The Wall - How do you feel when you read this word?

Safe and secure?

Or do you feel closed and trapped?

Can you feel some discomfort in your body, especially in your belly or throat?

Do you feel your shoulders dropping down or shrinking inside toward your chest?

Do you feel the need to stop reading this article?

There are many people walking around with their walls. Their walls are made of different stuff and for different reasons.

But one thing is common – their walls are NOT HELPING them.

So why would you be carrying around something useless?

Because there was a time (maybe just a moment) in your life, when that thing really helped. Most probably to protect you from some harm. Someone raised their voice, raised their hand or did something that hurt you a lot. And you've made a promise to yourself not to let that get to you ever again!

In a case of a long-time abuse (that can be emotional, physical, mental .. not only sexual) you repeatedly face so many challenges and threats that your wall just continues to get bigger and thicker with time. And it may seem to you that it's doing its job – you feel no pain, you are not moved, not even touched by the actions and words of others.

And what is really going on?

For not being able to move from the situation you are in (usually because you are too young in that time to leave that place and make your own living) you are closing yourself in a wall that keeps you completely stuck in that situation, because that pattern of closing, after a lot of repeating, is stored in the subconscious part of your brain as an automated response to any kind of external stimuli that could provoke strong emotional response in you.

Let me make this more simple, you have trained your brain to believe in this sequence as the best solution for you:

wall against other people

When some behavior becomes an automated response stored in your subconscious it fires million times faster than your conscious thoughts can. So yes, you respond in the same way in front of a loving person.

Even worse!

Your own brain (whose main job is to keep you safe) will doubt any person approaching you and that will make you behave strange (as a „bad“ or „mad“ or „sad“.. „crazy“ person) in order to provoke negative response from the other person, so your brain goes:

„See, they can hurt us too! The wall is the best solution for you!“

It is crucial to remember that YOU ARE THE MIND and you are your brain's boss. But the only way to make it do what you want it to, is to make it take out the content from your subconscious and bring it to your consciousness because only on the conscious level you can decide and make needed changes.

How do you bring something from subconscious to conscious level?

Watch your moves, your behavior.

 - Notice: Do you feel alone? Are you pushing away people that you really like? Are you surrounded by people who are very similar to those who hurt you initially?

 - Watch yourself like watching a movie. Ask yourself questions like: „Why is this person doing that in front of that other person? Do they see that the other person really cares for them?

 - Think of the people who hurt you and who said they were sorry and who changed their behavior. Do you think you can trust them?

 - Try to remember the time when you hurt someone you care about. What was their reaction? Have you tried to make it up and change your behavior?

How do you make needed changes?

Once you come to this understanding: „Oh, it seems that I'm putting down the wall!“ do this:

 - Look at your Wall .. How does it look like? What is it made of?

 - Just thinking about that structure, how could it be destroyed? .. washed down, burned, dismantled ..

(When we work with our clients, we help them understand their dominant energy and their most powerful brain .. because you have your heart-brain and your gut-brain to assist you with your head-brain .. then we help them create a simple, easy-to-do practice that's right for them)

Before you start practicing „wall-destruction“ (any time it appears!), deal with the issue that created it:

 - Face the underlying cause (traumatic experience, insult, abuse, neglect .. )

 - Release the accumulated energy of that event (that sometimes includes shouting, screaming and crying directly to the face (even imagined) of the person who hurt you)

 - Try to understand (go back through that person's history and try to justify their poor choices) .. if you can

 - Forgive and free yourself

 - Understand what's the main purpose of your wall and find another way to meet that need in a way that's positive for you and for the life you want to live


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