Upset – Anger – Rage

What's your stage?


How does it start for you?

Are there just thoughts that are telling you that the situation is not OK for you?
Can you connect to the feeling in your body? Is there any tension, tightness?
Where do you feel it? In what part of your body?

Have you ever wondered why is „anger“ considered to be very „inappropriate“ emotion?

Don't you think that a child expressing anger freely is sometimes very cute?
So why don't you think of yourself „I'm gonna be cute now!“ J when you feel the anger rushing through your blood?
Yes, this form of social conditioning played very important part when we were in caves .. there were children sleeping or older ones aching, so you couldn't rage in the cage .. and if you went out, some wild animal would surely smell your raging blood before your full expression.. 
But today?

Who gets the benefits of not-expressed anger?

Anyone  with desire to rule.
So, your non-expressing anger is really supporting the tyranny of this world.

Is that what you want?

Yes, there are so many ways you can express anger and even rage, without hurting anyone (including yourself).

Here are some of safe anger-expressions:

- - Move away from other people (if you can) especially if you are new at expressing anger, because you don't want to scare or hurt anyone
- - Grab a pillow and scream in it as loud as you can or punch the pillow few times
- - Go outside and run as fast as you can
- - Let the roar come out of your lungs or do the "lion breath"
- - Take some paper that you don't need and shred it into small pieces or crush it
- - After more practice, you can use that energy for doing some fast-cleaning of bathroom for example


You know that popular B.S. how the anger gets stronger if expressed?

Let's explain that:
a. If you haven't been expressing your anger regularly, there is much more of that energy stuck in your body, so, once you open the „anger-valve“ it will start rushing out and it will seem to you like a „never ending story“ for a while
b. If you are expressing your anger to someone who is closed or to someone who doesn't really care how you feel, it will be like hitting the wall with your anger, so it will echo back to you or split into pieces


And yes! It is SO NATURAL to feel anger even in the most loving relationship.

It's just another energy-in-motion that is asking to go through you.
And when you take a look at emotional frequencies, it's very clear that

emotional frequencies


One of very beneficial practices that we suggest to our clients for expressing, but also for regular releasing of accumulated anger (of physical manifestations, there are usually some problems with throat, lungs, spleen,  liver .. but also reproductive organs if the blocked anger remained there after abuse, for example) is our


the Silent scream® :

--> it doesn't matter if you are sitting or standing, what's important is that it is comfortable for you to open your chest in that position
--> make fists and point them out creating upside-down V with your arms (see the picture), you'll feel your chest opening
--> take a deep breath through your nose, as deep as you can in that moment (with time and practice that breath should go deeper and deeper, filling up your lungs, your abdomen, your pelvis .. your entire body)
--> release the breath through your mouth with forceful push, like saying long „AAAAAAAAAA“ , like a long scream, but with just a little or no sound
--> you are doing it right if you can feel your fists and ribs tightening and if you can hear your breath making the sound of a steam whistle
--> after few repetitions you'll feel lighter, more relaxed and you'll feel your digestion improving as well J

upset anger rage expression the Silent scream by SCM


Repeat every day, few times a day, preferably combined with Forgiveness practice
With time it can become your regular anger-expression if you like.


To love and understand someone (including yourself) is one thing, but to release the energy of traumatic experience(s) or unexpressed feelings is a totally different thing.
And both are equally important for creating a happy and healthy life.

 SCM New Recovery Approach

based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations.

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