Have you checked the fuel?

Do you know your REAL feelings?

Think for a minute:

When someone asks you „How are you?“ do you tell them about the way you feel, or about what you are up to?


A: „How are you Tom?“

B: „Oh, I've just finished that thing that I told you about..“ or „I'm resting.“

explanation – A is asking about Tom's feelings, and Tom is presenting his activities.


Your REAL FEELINGS are information from your true-self (or you may call it your higher-self, your soul..).

Your real feelings are your hot-line with the Force of the Universe (or you may call it Source, God, Higher Power, Nature..)

Isn't that great?!

Always free and always available help.


Your real feelings are your guides and leads. They will tell you what you truly want.


Your real feelings are the energy, the fuel that keeps you moving toward your goals and dreams.


In order to benefit from your real feelings (and not to be confused by them) – you have to FEEL them!


Just like the fuel in your car – you need to let it pass continuously through the system if you want your motor running. And just like in your car – if there are any blocks that prevent the moving of the fuel, the system doesn't work properly, or it stops working.


Usually, when you feel chronic numbness, lack of motivation, sluggishness, even mild depression .. it indicates that there is some BLOCK in your system and your emotional fuel can't get through.

If you often feel emotional ups and downs, highs and lows.. it indicates that you have a LEAKAGE in your system. Instead of making your motor running you are spilling your fuel sideways.



What to do?

Identify the problem. Is it a block or a leakage? Or a combination of two?

How would you know?


Look at what your environment is reflecting back at you. Look at your thoughts. Listen to what other people usually tell you or what you tell yourself about your situation. Does that uplifts you? Or does it make you feel bad about yourself? - if it makes you feel bad about yourself that's a BLOCK

feelings are the fuel that keeps you moving toward your dreams


Look at your daily activities. Are you out of balance throughout the day? Are you totally excited about something, and then suddenly you are totally drained out? Do you care about other people's needs and wants more than you care of your own? Do you feel like others always want and expect something of you? - that's a LEAKAGE


What to do with a Block?

Remove it.

--> Write it down. Look at it.

--> NOW! cross it over and write next to it: THIS IS A LIE!

You'll feel instant moving of energy through your body. INSTANT!

If you need to forgive someone (including yourself) for putting that block there, please do so.

And then?


Whenever those same thoughts arise, write them down, cross them over, write beside „this is a lie!“ and let the energy of your emotions flow through you.


What to do with a Leakage?

Repair it.

--> Write down two columns: + and -

--> Make lists of people, activities, food, thoughts.. that add to your dreams (+ column) VS those that don't add to your dreams (- column).

--> Meet, do, eat, think.. only those listed in your + list.

--> At least for 30 days consciously, till it becomes a habit.


Once you remove the blocks and repair leakages, your emotional energy fuel starts running smoothly and your system becomes full of the fuel, just like in your car.

And it only takes a spark of a clear idea in your head to get your motor running toward desired goal.



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Respect your feelings