Your heart knows

Do you know that your Heart has the mind of its own?

Oh yes!

In 1991. scientists have discovered about 40000 „sensory neurites“ in a human heart. They are different from your brain neurons and totally independent.

They are your Heart's intelligence.


Your Heart neurites have thinkinglearning and remembering capacities of their own.

And your Heart's electromagnetic field is the strongest one. It's your first organ. It's your faithful companion.


You know when your mother was telling you that you should play with your cousin because „she is so nice and she really likes you“..but you never felt that in your heart! And you decided to listen to your mum (not your heart) because she is older and she should know what's right.. RIGHT?


Or when you felt in your heart that the boy who was teasing you really liked you? And you told that to your friend but she told you that „all boys are the same“ and that „he is just teasing you like all the others because you are not that pretty“.. (like she was!) And you decided to listen to your friend (not your heart) because she is the pretty one and all the boys like her, so she must know when a boy likes a girl, RIGHT?




Your Heart knows who likes you!


Your Heart knows whose Heart likes your Heart.


your heart knows, trust your feelings 



So „I knew it in my Heart“ isn't just a saying. You have „thinking cells“ in your Heart and they have their own memory storage.


Tuning into your Heart's intelligence is also useful for intuitive insights, self-healing, easier learning and anti-aging.

You should try TUNING INTO YOUR HEART on your own by placing your hand (or both hands) on your heart area and breathing under your palm.

Try thinking about simple things that you appreciate in your life.



If you have problems tuning in that way, we will gladly help you move the blocks away.



SCM New Recovery Approach

based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations.

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