Fear of saying Goodbye to Addiction

Are you trembling inside?


It's just like in butterfly metamorphosis:

you came out of the egg and you needed to take from the world around you in order to survive and grow. 

In one moment, you couldn't take it any more. You were fed up with the world around you and the reflection that you were getting from it.

You closed yourself in a cocoon.


What does your cocoon give you?

What was the feeling (or feelings) that you needed and you couldn't experience in the direct contact with the world around you?

Think for a moment:

How does it feel in your cocoon?

Is it safe? Warm? Secure? Cozy? Do you feel protected? Taken care of? Free to do what you want? Free to be who you are? Do you feel your libido increasing? Are you expressing your emotions freely? Do you talk to yourself in that cocoon without feeling silly? Or you just want to hide there to see who's gonna come looking for you?


Your cocoon is your Addiction.


It served you well.

But now you understand what you needed it for and now you know different, healthy ways to meet those needs and you don't need it any more.


So, what's the problem? Why can't you get out of it?

fear of saying goodbye to addiction

Let's take a look at a BUTTERFLY again.

It needs to get out of its cocoon with its wings still wet and small. It is pumping up its wings AFTER emerging out of the cocoon. If it starts pumping up its wings while still attached to the cocoon, it eventually dies.


So, what is your Fear telling you really?

Something like: „You won't be able to pump up your wings after you get out of this cocoon!“




What counter-argument can you give to that Fear?


When I was in that moment, I wrote down something like this:

  1. I already feel like dead in this cocoon.. and I want to feel ALIVE!

  2. If I stay in this cocoon I will surely die! .. and I want to LIVE!

  3. If I have "wings" (my natural capabilities), it means that I also have the power to use them

  4. I feel my power getting stronger as I'm writing this .. it means that it's real and it's gonna get stronger and stronger

  5. I already feel better for not spending so much time with people and my own thoughts that are keeping me attached to this cocoon

  6. I want to feel free of all attachments that are not good for me

  7. I have faith! I will be just fine! What do I have to lose?


My Fear had nothing more to say.

And yours?


When you Get to know your Fear you understand that it is repeating its story over and over again. It's keeping you stuck, that's all that it's doing "for" you, better yet TO you. 

And isn't that weird? It is present in your life because of your own data that you have collected from your own or someone else's past experiences. It is using YOUR OWN DATA AGAINST YOU!

Why is that so?

You should check out this video to learn more about setbacks of your own brain


.. or better yet..

Are you willing to try our Challenge Solution in 9 days?

It's IDEAL for this kind of situation, when you are not really sure is it worth leaving "the safety" of your cocoon (you feel "safe" because you are repeating behavior that is familiar to your brain), when you would like to get more clear perspective on what's waiting for you once you get out, what kind of YOU are you going to meet when you get out, will you like that person, will it be possible for you to face your challenge that started your addiction in the first place and how are you gonna do that?! Wouldn't it be nice to know it all and THEN decide on a date for stepping out of your cocoon?

Yes, that's what SCM New Recovery Approach is about! 

We help you get to the core of the matter, to that moment that has marked the beginning of your addiction (and no! it's not the moment when you have found your favorite "cure") and we help you create the best solution for you to deal with that challenge!

Our methods are simple, effective and very practical. Your brain will have very clear perspective on your situation and also new ways and practices for dealing with similar challenges. It doesn't need shaming and blaming, but a clear picture, understanding and new strategies that it can implement right away. Then, naturally, you won't need your "cure" anymore, you won't need any kind of self-destructive behavior, because you'll have direct contact with your own abilities and every-day proofs of your strengths and their continuous development.

Just like a butterfly, you'll feel your own power in your wings and you'll trust your wings to fly more and more and higher and higher each and every day.



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