Remember Love?

You came here from Love.

Pure, unconditional Love.

So how come that you are disconnected from it? Why aren't you living your life in Love?

Yes, we are all embodiments of Love. And by that I don't mean „the Love between two people“ – that may or may not be present when conceiving a baby (having sex is enough). I'm talking about the universal, divine, ever-present energy that is within you and everywhere around you, that fills you up and comforts you even in your darkest hours.

How do you feel it?

Some people say that they feel safe when they are in Love, some feel supported, protected, some feel calm and peaceful, some feel light, open .. but we all feel liberated, „at home“, free to be who we really are.

Have you heard people talking about „true Love“ and when you ask them „how do you know it's Love?“ they say „you just know!“.

The truth is that you REMEMBER.

You've come from that feeling of pure, light, deep connection with the Source energy and whenever you are true to yourself (including – being loving and compassionate with yourself, being with the person you love with your heart, doing the work that you love..) you are reconnecting with it.

But for some of us, it is so HARD to remember it that we truly feel like we don't know Love.

And not only that! If we have associated that feeling of disconnection with the IDEA that "there must be something WRONG with me!"- we have created in our mind a block that says "UNLOVABLE".

Is there such a block in your mind?

Check out for yourself:




The truth is that you ARE LOVABLE.

You just don't KNOW Love. Not with your conscious mind.

What you have in the long-term memory storage of your big brain is a file labeled as "love" but inside of it is a story of your first human connections.

And those connections, with all the rules and/or trauma included, have moved you away from the real Love.

How and why does your own brain keep you from what you want and need?

 see here ⇓ 




But that's how you end up with the person you have that "familiar feeling of love" with (literally!) but there is no real Love there, just the same kind of conditioning and/or trauma that you have encountered in your first human connections and that your brain has stored as "love". 

How does that happen?

Let's take the analogy of the sea. The salt in the sea water helps you float on the surface when you lay on your back. So you don't even have to know how to swim in order to feel safe and supported by the sea water. You just have to trust it and relax. „JUST!“ For some people this feels like the hardest thing ever!


We literally, physically, come out of the water. That should be our „feeling at home“ environment.

But what if, during your stay in mother's womb, she had suffered some major grief, trauma, abuse .. what if your birth was very difficult .. what if you've come to the family that „doesn't go to the sea! “ – meaning you have parents / caregivers who are not connected to their feelings because.. let's name some possible reasons – they are active in codependency or any other form of addiction, they are hiding behind narcissistic mask, they are in a deep depression or anxiety because disconnected from their own core, they have suffered some major trauma and haven't recovered from it, they are socially/religiously conditioned „not to feel“ because „boys don't cry“, "wanting is evil" and similar B.S., their emotional intelligence is under-developed for some reason .. so, how do you stay in „the sea of Love“ and at the same time stay connected to your caregivers who are "on the shore“? No way! You depend on their care physically first of all, they are the first people you try to connect with emotionally and psychologically – so you decide at some point in your life (and that can be even in your mother's womb) to get out of „the sea of Love“ and enter their world "on the shore".

We can help you get back.

SCM NEW RECOVERY APPROACH, based on psychodynamic approach and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities and supported by latest neurology and different energy healing modalities, helps you GET BACK TO YOUR CORE SELF in a safe way.

That's where your new beginning starts.

Not only that we help you re-enter your „sea of Love“, but we help you create new ways of connecting with those people who you want and need in your life, but who prefer to remain „on the shore“ (some fun „splashing“ included J )

Sneza is a Life Coach in our team who works with our clients online.

She has a lot of personal and working experience in Post-Traumatic Growth and Recovery and she also has a Life-Coaching certificate approved by Association for Coaching.


Some parts of her personal story are in her book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth".

You can see and hear Sneza in our new course on Udemy ⇒ New approach to Mindfulness 


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