Love is always with you

She was just lying in bed, desperate

 Lonely, confused, worthless..

How is she going to pay the rent next month?!

That job was nothing special, but it kept her safe in her tiny apartment, with some healthy food on the table..

„What am I going to eat? Where am I going to live? WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!“

She was asking herself for hours.


Of all that spinning of thoughts, of all that noise in her head, of all that cortisol (*stress hormone) rushing through her body she suddenly felt nothing.

„Am I still alive?“

She took one conscious breath.

One breath that she felt entering her body and leaving it slowly.


And another breath came. And another.

„Oh yes, I'm alive! I'm just blocked in FEAR! And fear is not creative, it's not constructive.. It has no ideas for me now! I need to enter the LOVE flow if I want to find solution to this stupid jobless situation!“


Few more breaths..

„And HOW am I going to do that?! I'm totally pissed now!


And few more breaths..

„OK, lay on your back, open your chest and breathe.. Just breathe.. How do you connect to the Love flow?“ she asked herself. „Love for my Partner - hand on the heart, Love for our children - hand on the belly. And breathe.“

 how to get out of fear

Oh no, there is no-one beside her. She lives alone. But many times, in her daydreams, she could clearly sense that warmth in her chest when thinking of the One and that cotton-like sensation in her belly when thinking of their children.

Just breathe..




And finally she is connected to the Love flow.

It rushed through her like a rainbow spring.

She is full of joy and she knows for certain WHY she needs to get up.


Love is joy and blissful flow, Love is always with you



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