LOVE - WHAT IS LOVE? Real Love VS Universal love

Let’s talk about Love and love


Before we start with Love and love, let’s just ~ ~ ~ breathe ~ ~ ~ for a while.

Is there in your body some kind of tightening in this moment? Especially in your chest area…

Is there a name or a face of someone appearing in front of you together with that tightening sensation?

Or do you have a sense of rush? Do you have thoughts like “Must read this!”, “Must find love!”

If you do, please read more about “Addiction to not-love”.

   ~ ~ ~

And then come back here to read about Love and love. Or, to be precise, about

Real Love and Universal love.


It took us a lot of personal and professional practice until this concept became clear.

We’ve given you a simple and fun “Love test” to check out if what you have with yourself or someone else is Real Love. In truth, there’s much more to it.


Check out comments below this song - “Perry Como - And I Love You So” - on YouTube. You’ll see true life stories of people reconnecting in Real Love after many years of being apart.


We must admit that there’s much more to it than what we’ve understood this far. 

And here is what we have:


Real Love is a conscious exchange of energy between two beings.

It continues even when they are far apart.


Universal love is a conscious connection to that Universal energy.

That energy is present in ourselves and all other beings.


Both Real Love and Universal love can be found between partners, friends, family members… as well as with pets and among other living beings. We’ll stick to the topic of Love and love between us humans in this article.


Our main goal here is to remove some of the blocks that might be on your way to Love.


You can apply everything you read here also to your relationship with yourself

-          Are you connected to the energy in your body? Do you feel the Life Force within you? – If yes, you are in Universal love with yourself. 

-          Do you consciously give more energy to any part of yourself that needs it in any given moment? Do you protect, respect and use the Life Force within you for your own good? – If yes, you are in Real Love with yourself.


Even loving yourself feels like a relationship with another. You actually "split" into two beings – a part of you that needs your loving care and a part of you that provides it. 

If you feel uncomfortable while reading about self-love, or you think of it as being narcissistic - you should check out if you Remember Love?


Universal-love-between-parent-and-child - SCM New Recovery Approach

Universal love is more of a sense of belonging and being part of this Universe.

If you don’t have that feeling, it means that you have disconnected from it for some reason. You can imagine Universal love passing through your entire being all the time. You can wash your face or your hands in it, or you can step in that stream and follow its course. It’s always there for you. The more you open up to it, the more you feel it.

In case you don’t, it means you need to Recover & Reconnect.

There is some false input about Universal love stored in your subconscious. You need to bring it the conscious level and change it.


Only today we’ve started seeing examples of conscious parenting.

Conscious parents are aware of THEIR OWN feelings, wants and needs. They know that they are connected with their children through Universal love. They know that their kids have different ideas about things. They see their children as different people with their own set of feelings and wants and needs. 

Conscious parents know they can have Real Love with their kids only if they become real friends. And “real” means – those who SEE and RESPECT the person that they have in front of them. Those who are HONESTLY concerned about well-being of that person. Those who share how THEY really feel and what THEY really need.


Unconscious or manipulative parents don't know / don't show their own feelings, wants and needs. They usually MASK their needs with “concern” for their kid(s). They keep their kids "close" or "in control" because THEY (the parents) lack something... more attention, intimacy, safety, significance.

Then, there are other parents with unhealed childhood trauma. For example, that trauma might involve their sibling(s). Those parents MAKE their own kids “love” each other. "You MUST love your sibling!" covers the truth about their unexpressed feelings for their sibling. Usually jealousy, hurt, anger or shame.

Some parents remain stuck in their traumatic experience. They can’t help their children feel love, because they live blocked in fear.

There are also parents who “do their best” to make their children FOLLOW their own (parent’s) dreams – and they call it “love”.

Abused, abandoned and neglected children usually have some false idea about themselves. Some idea of being “bad”, “wrong” or “unworthy" follows their feeling of Universal love. And it keeps them away from that healing stream.


Whatever there is that’s blocking YOUR way to that stream of Universal love – you can remove it.

And any misconception that’s polluting that stream - you can clean it.

Then you can enjoy in the same way your own company, or a company of your house plant or a company of a stranger in a bus. Then you can see your parents, siblings or people that hurt you - for who they are and what they need. You can forgive and let the stream of Universal love wash away your burden.


You can see how RULES attached to that stream of Universal love have nothing to do with its essence. They can be your personal rules, or they can be part of family, social or religious traditions.

“They don’t love me because ___________.”  or “They won’t love me if I ____________.”

Do you have something to fill in those blanks?

If you do, it means that you hold a belief that’s polluting your stream of Universal love.

Rules are simply ways people use to satisfy some other need. Usually to feel safe, significant, in control. Some need that has nothing to do with feeling Love - and everything to do with escaping Fear.


Keep clearing your stream of Universal love and keep coming back to it.

When you do that – you are ready for living in Real Love.

Real Love - SCM New Recovery Approach

And how does a Life in Real Love look like?

Here are some indications: 


You expect fear to be present.

You know that Love is always accompanied by Fear (during this lifetime).

Think about it – Are you afraid of losing a hotel spoon that they brought you with breakfast? And how about that spoon your dear grandma gave you?

Fear is attached only to what we love.

You accept that fact and you consciously choose to say “Hello!” to your fears whenever they appear and to get back to Love as soon as you can.


You respect your Real feelings.

You regularly check on how you really feel. Sometimes you don’t have a name for the feeling that you have, but you DO feel it. You let it pass through you.

You know that it’s the energy that keeps you alive. It also gives variety to your experiencing of life. It makes all your relationships rich.


You share your Real feelings

(in a non-violent way)

You feel free to share how you feel with those who are in Real Love with you. And they share it with you too.

You don’t feel attacked by your feelings, because you respect them. You don’t attack others with your feelings. You just express them in the way you can and like. It can be through body language, words, music, pictures …


You are present.

You hear and see. You are heard and seen. You matter. They matter.


You are open.

You feel free to present your perspective on any topic. You feel free to change it any time and to present a new one.

You trust and you are trustworthy as a result of that. You include the other person in your process of change and growth. Combining different perspectives helps you grow even more.


You know that together is better.

You have a feeling of belonging and connection. You have a feeling of deep understanding. You have someone by your side even in your deepest dark.


You are thankful.

You can feel how blessed you are. You thank every day for the Love you have and live.



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