Why should you respect your feelings?

We have already discussed that the heart has the mind of its own, but you should also include the fact that the heart generates the largest electromagnetic field in the body (some studies say about 60 times larger than the brain's EMF).

It gives us very simple view of our functioning:

mental emotional spiritual physical being


As you can hear from all spiritual teachers and traditions, you are guided and supported by your Higher-self, that is connected directly to the Source (Universe, God, Higher Intelligence, Universal Consciousness .. or however you like to call it). It gives you guidelines and insights through your SPIRITUAL BEING. And you can catch them directly there during meditation or prayer.


But usually, if you don't have regular meditation practice, those guidelines and insights „fall“ further in the field of your EMOTIONAL BEING – we should really call it your "feeling being“ because you get the sensation, the feeling, just a „clear“ feeling that you can describe in some way when you pay close attention to it. For example: „I can feel a wave of warmth spreading over my chest“, or „I can feel that my throat is tight and closed“, or „I can feel a cramp in my left leg“.


Then you give your mental analysis (and conclusion) of that feeling by your MENTAL BEING. In the last example that would be „my blood flow is blocked, I must move my leg“ and in the first two you turn that feeling in „emotion“ when you give it a name. For example „love“ could be the first and „shyness“ could be the second.


And then, if you don't make the right conclusion and that insight, in the form of feeling comes again and again, at some point you'll have physical manifestation of the problem, as pain or dis-ease in your PHYSICAL BEING. It's easy with the last example – you'll have to massage your leg probably, but there are more problems with emotions. Someone might lack in emotional intelligence (they misinterpret their feelings), others suffered trauma or abuse that left them with inadequate interpretations of feelings (for example the feeling of shame attached to the feeling of desire in case of suffered sexual abuse), someone blocked their connection to the emotional being because they concluded that being „too sensitive“ only brings pain and so on.


There are different energy healing traditions (like Chinese Wu Xing) and modalities (for example Louise Hay's book -“You can heal your life“ chapter XV) that can give you some understanding of your emotional problem when expressed in your physical being in a form of dis-ease (usually in some form of autoimmune diseasechronic pain or addiction).

From there, you can start solving it backwards: through analysis of your ways of thinking and your beliefs, then your emotions-feelings relations (to explore if there are any misinterpretations), back to your sensations, your „raw“ feelings and your complete experiencing and releasing / expressing of same.




Harmonizing of all your beings is a process of healing.

That's what any holistic approach should include and that's what we have integrated in our 

SCM New Recovery Approach:

psychodynamic approach and latest neurology for helping your MENTAL BEING get out of its own labyrinths 

- different energy healing practices to help your EMOTIONAL BEING release accumulated energy (usually product of unexpressed emotions or of survived trauma), and to help your PHYSICAL BEING in that way, through diminishing of pressure, to deal better with any chronic pain, everyday stress or present illness; we also provide valuable tips and resources regarding proper detox and nutrition, physical activity and exercise

Sneza's empathic abilities and pretty accurate insights will help you reconnect with your SPIRITUAL BEING - that's where we find many times (for example in cases of very early abandonment or abuse of any kind) an underlying cause of other issues 

We treat clients.

When you put together and compare lists of symptoms of various diseases, don't you get confused? And not to mention that the same symptom can be caused by a completely different set of circumstances.

Understanding those circumstances and, most importantly, the way that client adapted to them, is essential for treating addictions and facilitating post-traumatic growth.

We like very simple methods that give results.

There is one thing that is very important and that not many Recovery approaches address - overflowing someone who is already in a tense mental state and full of poison, with even more poison and information, is not only counterproductive, but can be detrimental to their health.

You don't lead the client to meet some diagnosis! 

You lead them to meet their healthy and happy life!

That's what we do.




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