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“For me, saying that working with Sneza changed my life is an understatement, it actually revealed how my life should be.” – and for me, seeing this statement of a dear SCM client, revealed the topic of this article.

Change is a natural process.

You don’t need anyone’s help to want things that are good for you and to act accordingly.

We start walking because we want to get somewhere. We start talking because we want to be heard. We start learning because we want to explore our interests. We start taking risks because we want something different.

But, for some of us, there comes a point in life when we get stuck in the middle of that process. And that’s not natural at all. Nature is dynamic in its essence.

Those “stop-points” in life are calls for reflection and revision.

They are turning points on your life path.

Are you going the right way? Are you consulting YOUR OWN wants and needs and values when deciding what’s “right” for you? Does the database in your brain need some updating? Does your emotional stream need some cleaning?

You’ll notice that, if you try to skip that stop-point the first time it appears, it will appear again further along your path. And the stop-sign will get bigger the next time you see it.

We usually notice those red-flags when they become physical issues. We get “a little” sick and then it starts getting worse and worse. We get a little unsatisfied, and after a while we are dealing with some auto-immune condition.

It seems like someone is screaming “STOP! Pay attention here!”

And who could that be?

Could it be your own Mind?

You can see in our course „New approach to Mindfulness“ how we perceive Mind.

Your Mind IS NOT your mental capacity.

Your Mind is your consciousness.

being conscious ≠ having thoughts

being conscious = being present with what is

Your Mind IS NOT the activity of the brain in your head.

Your Mind IS your conscious connection with that activity. It observes and it can guide that activity.

In the same way – your Mind is your conscious connection with your emotions. It feels and it helps you know what you feel.

Your Mind is your conscious connection with your body. It’s healthy and it helps your body be healthy and function properly.

Your Mind is the essence of your spiritual being. Your Mind is your direct connection to the Force of this Universe (or Higher Consciousness, Higher Power, God, Allah .. however you like to call it).

What we call intuition, insight, gut feeling and similar – these are all whispers of your Mind.

Your Mind is your best adviser!

Imagine it as a bright light coming down through the top of your head and traveling down through your entire body. That Light exposes what needs to be revised and changed in your mental being, unblocked and cleaned in your emotional being and healed and restored in your physical being.

When you follow your Mind’s insights and your Soul’s direction - you are your true-self.

The Real-you!

You know yourself in any moment. You know what you want. You know where you want to go. And you are going!

So what do you need us for when you come to that stop-sign?

Sometimes you need someone to help you re-establish connection to your Mind. And that connection gets interrupted in many different ways for many different reasons.

Because you start to believe that how you see yourself in this moment is your only way of being. You live according to some rules, instead of your own values and feelings. You behave to match up someone else’s standards or expectations. You hide your true self behind the protective shield of your ego. You are too afraid to face and release the pain of the past hurt on your own. You don’t want to forgive yourself or someone else for some reason. And the list goes on and on …

In our “New Approach to Mindfulness” course, we offer 17 simple ways for re-establishing and maintaining that connection on your own. For getting back “in the flow”.

Know that no one stays in the flow all the time. Even people who meditate all day long drop out of the flow every now and then. That’s how nature dynamic helps them stay awake.

Your Mind speaks to you all the time.

And it “speaks” louder when you can’t hear it.

As it resides in all of your beings,

you are spiritual-emotional-mental-physical being - SCM New Recovery Approach

it will try to send you the same message in different forms.

In a form of an insight through your spiritual being.

Then in a form of a Real emotion through your emotional being.

See in the video below the science behind our drawing of beings and why the amplitude of your emotional being is larger than the one of your mental being:


(from our course “New Approach to Mindfulness”)

If you don’t catch the message in a form of a Real emotion, it will drop down in your mental field.

Your brain will start spinning the data that it has in its library related to the problem in front of you.

If your brain doesn’t find the right solution and doesn’t look for help from some other source, the message drops down to your physical being. You finally notice it when it shows up as discomfort, pain or illness.

And do you ask yourself:

What is my Mind trying to tell me with this pain / illness?

You should.

Something in your present way of life is out of alignment with who you really are, who/what you really love, how you really feel, what you really need and want.


Your Mind knows exactly where the problem is.

And we can help you reconnect to your Mind-wisdom, open up for your Soul-guidance and heal.

If you feel lack of energy and you don’t know what you want ⇒ go here to Re-Connect
If you feel depressed and don’t know what to do next, especially with important people in your life ⇒ go here to Recover & Reconnect
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SCM NEW RECOVERY APPROACH, based on psychodynamic approach, latest neurology, different energy healing modalities and Sneza's empathic and intuitive abilities,  offers simple and effective solutions to some of the most challenging life situations.

Sneza is a Life Coach in our team who personally works with our clients.

She has a lot of personal and professional experience in Post-Traumatic Growth and Recovery. 

Some parts of her personal story are in her book "REBIRTH or about Post-Traumatic Growth".

You can see and hear Sneza in our new course on Udemy ⇒ New approach to Mindfulness


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