Feel & Be Real (NOT Bipolar)


One of the challenges we often see with our clients is that they don't know their real feelings.

Usually because they've been disconnected from their emotional being for too long.

And isn't that strange?

Real emotions are energy-motions through your body.

You only feel them at first. There is no thought attached to them.

You FEEL the energy moving through you.


Real emotions - by SCM New Recovery Approach

If you don't feel the energy moving through your body in this moment, it means that you are disconnected from your emotional being in this moment. There is something that's blocking your connection to it. It might be some heavy processed food in your stomach. It might be some medicine that you took (some suppressant, painkiller or antidepressant) or some other type of drug. Very often it's some kind of belief, or the whole set of beliefs that are not (entirely) true.

What should you do?

Feel & Be Real

Remind yourself:

         ⇒ the energy moving through you is your vital energy – you need that energy to live

         ⇒ the energy in your body is like water moving through you

         ⇒ when you follow the course of that energy, it feels like riding the waves .. you enjoy natural rhythm of ebb and flow

         ⇒ even when "sinking" in sorrow, you cannot drown, because that water is inside of you

         ⇒ when you respect your real emotions, you tell to the water in your body “I accept you! I respect you!” (and your body is more than 60% water)

         ⇒ respecting your real emotions makes you alive, vibrant, present, confident .. and loving of course

No need to name your emotion.

Just FEEL it ~ ~ ~

When you feel your real emotions, you clearly feel how they ebb and flow, they come and go. And they give you energy for what you need to do IN THAT MOMENT.


 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

On the other hand, there are Brain-made emotions.

Brain-made emotions are energy-motions that you experience when you have THOUGHTS – that provoke release of CHEMICALS in your body – and that gives you some kind of FEELING.

Yes, we know that main-stream science and most of the public still consider these to be the only type of emotions.

That’s why we pride ourselves on being SCM New Recovery Approach. J

Brain-made emotions are very useful for living in this world with other people.

Sometimes the energy that’s moving through you is not adequate for your present life situation. Sometimes you need a different kind of energy to perform your task as a partner, parent, friend, employee or boss. That’s how you manage to survive some very heavy e-motions. You block them with thoughts and release them bit by bit once you get stronger. 


Brain-made emotions are NOT useful for Healing.

Healing requires respect of your EMOTIONAL being. And Brain-made emotions are the product of your MENTAL being.

They can’t help you heal.

It’s like calling electrician to fix a blocked pipe and leakage in your bathroom.

They can only give first-aid.

Just like the electrician could switch the power off to prevent electric-shock.

In other words – you can use positive thinking to get through entire day. But that will NOT make your pressing issue go away!

Quite the opposite! If you insist on “boosting your mood”, creating that cheerful and confident and everything's-fine persona, the opposite part of that “creation” will suffer even more inside of you, asking of you to acknowledge it.

Because, just like everything in this Universe, you are mix of opposites.

If you notice that you are confident, there is also a part of you that is insecure. If that insecure part of you has suffered some kind of trauma and you continue to deny it and suppress it with positive thinking, it will create its own persona inside of you. And you’ll see that other part of you just popping-out when you least expect it.

Yes, this explains why the raise of “Positive Psychology” and similar forms is followed by the raise of Bipolar disorder.

Needless to say that some people really like it that way! They feel more unique and more efficient or less responsible and less vulnerable.


For those of you who prefer Healthy & Happy, here are few tips:

          1. check out each now and then the energy-motion through your body

          2. just breathe and feel

          3. notice where do you feel it the most and how does it feel like - How big are the waves?

          4. remember that waves are good – you are alive! (without waves there is a flat line ___ )

          5. just feel ~ ~ ~

Is there a photo here that looks like the energy moving through you in this moment?



The goal here is to FEEL ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The goal is NOT to feel better.

When you really feel, BETTER comes naturally.


No need for you to question your feelings either. “Why do I feel this way?” or similar. No need for that.

Sometimes the feeling goes away before your head-brain shows you the file that it's been attached to.

Just respect your Real e-motions. Just breathe and sit with them. Feel them. That’s all.

If there is some message for you there, it will come as a clear insight once the emotion is out.


In case you feel your energy stuck, try some of these practices to get it flowing:

 - move your body (stretch, get up, walk..)

 - drink water

 - write (whatever comes to mind)

 - yawn few times

 - massage / tap your body parts


And if you want to help someone feel better – just HELP THEM FEEL!

Sit with them, hug them or hold their hand. Tell them “I am sorry that you feel this way” and that’s enough. In that way you will validate they real emotions. You will help them be present with their real emotions. And that’s how you’ll help them release those emotions.

“You’ll be fine!”, “Please don’t cry!” and similar - are NO HELP at all!

Blocking Real emotions = Postponing Real emotions

They will have to be released sooner or later, in one way or another. If you insist on suppressing them, they come out with additional pressure. So what’s the use of that?

Remember – when you really feel, better comes naturally.


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